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It all began with 2 friends, their faithful sunglasses, and nowhere to put them.


alma chains is an Australian company founded by a couple of old friends, Darcie and Anji. Darcie and Anji met whilst living it up in Whistler, Canada, and cemented their friendship over a mutual passion for travel. From the tip of Alaska to the bottom of Australia, one faithful accessory has accompanied the two. Sunglasses. Whether mounted on their face, hanging from their t-shirt, holding back hair or occasionally left at a bar, sunglasses have been the most vital accessory the girls have known. On a recent trip to Indonesia, it became apparent to the girls that there had to be a better way to keep hold of their old faithfuls. Alas, there was. 


alma chains harmonises function with style, bringing a new meaning to the sunglass and spectacle chains of yesteryear. Sunglasses and spectacles are the 24hr accessory, necessary at all given moments. What better way to keep your eyewear handy than with a beautifully designed alma chain. Now when Darcie and Anji travel, the girls have two vital accessories; their sunglasses, and their alma chain.





alma chains. A collection of Australian designed sunglass and spectacle chains. Complement your eyewear with an alma chain.








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